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Esotericism & Parapsychology

We're working hard behind the scenes to give you a mind blowing, universe altering experience, sign up to get an update about when the course is live. In the meantime, here's a sneak peak of the curriculum:



Module 1, Part 1: Critical Thinking, Scientific Reasoning and Ruling Out The Obvious. 

        Willful Deception
        Self Deceit
        Brain Anomalies

Module 1, Part 2:  The Quantum Paradoxes and Their Challenge to Classical Paradigms for Reality


        Superposition/Double Slit Experiment
        Quantum Entanglement
        Quantum Eraser/Delayed Choice Experiment

Module 1, Part 3: Some Unusual Experiments and Their Contested Findings

       The Precognition Experiments

       The Intentionality Experiments
       The Near Death Experiences Study
       The Mediumship Experiments


Module 2, Part 1: Pre-modern Roots of Esotericism


       Hermeticism and The Emerald Tablet
       Hindu Mysticism

Module 2, Part 2:  The 19th and early 20th centuries


       Spiritual Science/New Thought Movement
       The I Am Movement 

Module 2, Part 3: Late 20th and 21st centuries 

(but first the weirdest things that never happened to Philip K. Dick)


       A Course in Miracles
       Silva Method

Module 3: Parapsychology Forensics: How To Vet Your Own Experiences