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Samar Habib

SAMAR HABIB is a writer, researcher and scholar. Her intellectual pursuits are punctuated by an interest in the macro-cosmic, the transhistorical and the transcultural. 

She is widely known for numerous books, articles and encyclopedia entries, as well as public lectures on gender and sexuality in the Arab world.  Some publishers of her academic works include E.J. Brill, Oxford University Press and Routledge.
She has given invited lectures at some of the best universities in the world, including Yale, Brown, Stanford and Columbia. 


Dr. Habib is also a filmmaker.  Her documentary, Homeless in Berkland, aired on Berkley’s Comcast Channel 31 in December 2017. She was Executive Producer for two queer Arab short films: Finjan (2020) and Dress Up (2022).  

On the literary side, Dr. Habib has written three novels, A Tree Like Rain (2005), Rughum & Najda (2012), and The Greatest Story Every Written, which is still looking for a publisher. She is also the creator of three TV show concepts and pilots in the sci-fi genre.

Samar's research and writing has also focused on perennial ideas of well-being in mind science and psychology. Her online course, The Quantum Mind, reached students in over 60 countries when she was a frequent contributor on the popular psychology portal, Psych Central, prior to its acquisition by Healthline in 2020.

In addition to her contributions to gender and sexuality studies, literature, film and TV, Dr. Habib is seasoned in quantitative research methodologies, leveraging data science to understand and solve business and social problems. She has led impact evaluations of national and international programs, designed and executed mixed methods studies of markets and industries, and advised for-profit and non-profit organizations on strategy and organizational knowledge management. Her data science course: Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) Exam Preparation is forthcoming on Udemy in 2024.

She lives in California with three very cheerful and very low-maintenance plants.

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