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Program Impact Evaluations

With experience in the whole gamut of the Theory of Change Methodology for Program, Monitoring, and Evaluation, Dr Habib has worked on program design, theory of change logic models, hypotheses formulation, indicator design, sampling, survey instrument design, as well as analytical and reporting methodologies. She has also designed and executed stand alone impact evaluations based in quasi-experimental and mixed methods research.

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Strategic Revenue Growth Management

Revenue Growth Management is a methodology that involves the analysis of sales data to inform strategic business growth decisions. Dr. Habib has worked with Big Data, combined with competitive intelligence and commodity trading statistics, to deliver business growth strategies to SMBs.


Questionnaire Design

Dr. Habib designs quantitative questionnaires, as well as research briefs that help guide mixed methods studies with interviews and focus group formats. With an understanding of the entire research life-cycle, Dr. Habib's questionnaire and interview designs are informed by a thorough understanding of why questions are being asked, how the responses are to be analyzed and reported, and how the results will be used. Without this holistic end-to-end view of the entire research lifecycle, organizations can run into substantial cost-benefit deficits and end up with research results that are either unusable or inaccurate.

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Interactive Dashboards

Dr Habib leverages interactive dashboards  during Data Exploration to identify potential patterns and relationships in the pre-modeling phase, and communicates findings to non-technical audiences using simple and effective visualizations. 



Revenue forecasts are a staple of business intelligence, but require an understanding of seasonality, trends, and cyclicity in the data, in order for appropriate forecasting models to be applied. In addition to traditional forecasting methods, Dr. Habib has applied Monte Carlo simulations to better  understand the probability of achieving forecasted goals. This method mitigates the risks associated with relying on averages to estimate future performance.


Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) Exam Preparation Course

Dr. Habib is the creator of the forthcoming Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) Exam Preparation Course on Udemy. The syllabus prepares students intending to sit the intensive 3-hour data science certification exam for the depth and breadth of questions it covers. The course focuses on the following topics:

The INFORMS Job Task Analysis

Descriptive & Predictive Statistics
Decision & Economic Analysis

Supervised & Unsupervised Machine Learning
Machine Learning Operations



Data Engineering Basics

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