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The Quantum Mind


What Will I Learn?

Students will be able to discuss key ideas in Buddhism, NLP and Spiritual Psychology

Students will have a survey understanding of various bodies of knowledge related to well-being


Students will be able to understand what creates suffering


Students will be able to understand how to mitigate suffering


Students will learn mental technologies to be more effective communicators


Students will learn how to access more resourceful mental states for creativity and better decision-making


Students will know what are the four-pillars of well-being


Students will develop a holistic understanding of the mind, body and spirit

Student Reviews

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I learned much about the mechanisms and practices that enable the pursuit of excellence in everyday life. I particularity liked how scientific information was related to the broader context of the history of ideas, and found much of what was said directly relevant to one of my own fields of research interest — namely, moral philosophy. The instructor is marvelous — always clear and engaging, at times positively exhilarating, and capable of making you feel as if she is really cathecting with you. The module on spiritual psychology was especially brilliant and thought-provoking.“                 

-Aleardo Z.

“The Quantum Mind course is incredibly useful. I found myself days later remembering and applying the strategies to great effect. The concept of the conscious mind and awareness is clearly and succinctly explained. It satisfied my yearning for a theoretical framework and yet it is practical and useful on a day to day basis. Equally, Dr Habib's method of meditation when applied is far more effective than what I have been practising to date. Overall, the curriculum is well thought out and the chronology of the course helps in understanding concepts that are not normally associated with one another. It is dense and yet easy to understand and apply. I highly recommend this course to anybody wishing to be at peace with themselves and the world ... and not only those who are actively suffering.“

“What I loved about this course is that I not only learned so much, but I am left with a wealth of different tools, tactics, and strategies to apply to my life. I started off being interested in this abstract concept of the quantum mind, and now I'm amazed at the power of my own mind! I've already begun to make small changes to my everyday habits that have shifted my moods and general outlook on life...”

- Sameerah A.

And here is some anonymous feedback from students I taught at a private college in California this year:

• This was such an interesting class, and had so much value to me. You did a really great job of being excited and interested in the material you were teaching, giving us lots of outside sources and readings that were actually interesting and thought provoking. Thank you for coming to visit us at [name of institution]!

• I grew a lot as a student and person because of this class, and I can't say the same for other [name of institution] classes I have taken.

• Samar's energy and knowledge really made this class enlightening! She provides great lectures, discussions, and content.

• Dr Habib is great at exciting her students and challenging them to expand their minds

• You make this topic very personal and interesting. Thank you!!

• Your lectures and assigned readings are all fantastic. On a personal note, you have been the best college professor I have had yet. Just an amazing mind and heart. I speak for myself and the class when I say we loved you!

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